Musica Maestro

A classical gala concert, featuring outstanding vocal talent in an evening devoted to the most renowned opera and ‘popopera’ arias and music of all time. With our musical score arranged, performed and recorded especially for Silversea guests, by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Exquisite costumes adorn the grandeur of our scenery. Let the curtains open and ‘Musica Maestro’!

Mind The Gap

There is a fantastic history of British music talent achieving success worldwide, with legendary artists such as The Beatles, Dusty Springfield and the Rolling Stones. The UK is known for its musical talent, thanks to these British pop and rock legends who dominated the international music scene in the sixties. They are among the biggest selling artists worldwide and we pay tribute to their music as we take you through a musical journey and the iconic style of 1960s Britain!

Don’t Stop The Music

This is a feel good, foot tapping sing-along show, guaranteed to get you in the mood for dancing. From Divas of Disco to Master of Motown, our bright and colourful costumes ‘dance’ to the classic songs from the 70’s + 80’s. Get ready for our DJ to take over, keep the party going, but Don’t Stop the Music!


Caliente is a show of passion for music and dance. With bold costumes, dramatic staging and with that unmistakable Latino feel throughout. With dramatic lighting and projection and evocative imagery from the Alhambra, this is a show full of colour, encompassing rhythmic sounds from Spain and South America and styles from opera to hip swaying popular dance beats.

Shaken’ Not Stirred

Celebrating over 50 years of timeless 007 classics covering the intrigue, glamour and sophistication of all that is Bond. Classic songs such as ‘Goldfinger’ ‘A View to a kill’ ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘Diamonds are Forever’ were written for the sound tracks of the sensational movies based on the best-selling Ian Fleming novels.  Artists such as Shirley Bassey, Matt Monro, Tom Jones, Nancy Sinatra and Tina Turner originally recorded the songs and we pay a special tribute to each of these legends during a breath taking night with the great British Spy.

Paradise Lounge

Welcome to our light-hearted soap opera, set in a chic Manhattan bar. Here, you’ll meet our barman, who narrates out tale of love and ambition against a rock and pop music score with a twist. Tonight cabaret star Valerie Moreno, will appear in her last performance at the Paradise Lounge before heading for the lights of Broadway.


Set against a traditional movie premier backdrop, this show is dedicated to some the world’s most popular movies. Whether a musical film or an opening song to a great movie, we guarantee that every audience member will hear a favourite song. From Top Hat to Moulin Rouge and Hairspray our vocalists will rekindle those nostalgic memories.


Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it.… So wrote Cole Porter in 1928, and we’re the first to admit that as to the business of writing a love song—one that’s not too cheesy— that’s a challenge that the greatest songwriters have wrestled with since the first caveman grunted a serenade to his beloved. After thorough research, we have arrived at what we believe to be some of the best love songs ever recorded. Expect to sniff along and feel a smile spread across your face all at the same time. Set against our wispy, romantic back cloth, we project some nostalgic and dreamy images to set the scene for our loving show.