On Silver Wind: Sneak Peak Of The New Production Show, Musica Maestro

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On Silver Wind: Sneak Peak Of The New Production Show, Musica Maestro

Ralph Grizzle writes… In yesterday’s story, Silversea Entertainment: A New Production Rolls Out On Silver Wind, I wrote about being among the first to see Silversea’s elaborate new show “Musica Maestro.”

“What we’re trying to do with our production shows at Silversea is work on the success that we’ve had for the past few years,” says Andrew Poulton, manager of entertainment and enrichment programs for Silversea.

Poulton says that Silversea used to have singers and dancers in its production shows, then decided to go just went with singers. “That worked really well, the ratings were good, the guests seem to really enjoy it,” Poulton continues. “So what we’re doing now is taking that to the next level. We’re adding some scenery to the production shows and also some digital projection. With those two elements, we’re going to add another layer to something that we already know is successful and enjoyed by the guests.”

Getting London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Involved

All of the shows were produced for Silversea by London-based Luna Rossa Productions. The company pulled some strings to add a few special components to its signature show, Musica Maestro.

“We went to the world’s greatest orchestra, London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,” says Marc Sorrentino, a director, along with Michelle Tough, for Luna Rossa Productions. “So every note that you hear in the music from Musica Maestro is live. For us it was an incredible experience to be in the studio with the Royal Philharmonic.”

Sorrentino says that guests on Silversea who see Musica Maestro will appreciate, first and foremost, that they’re hearing “the most beautiful tracks you’ll ever hear,” Sorrentino says. “You could just sit back and listen to the tracks on their own without any vocals, but when you add the vocals from our extremely talented and international cast, you very quickly realize that you’re experiencing something very special and quite unique to the cruise industry.”

An interesting side note, Sorrentino’s brother plays lead cello on many of the tracks. He’s the principle cellist for the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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